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Ever wonder why some customers are regulars and others aren't?

Stop guessing and join us today to learn what makes your customers tick.

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Business good, but not great? Now's the time to figure out why.

  • “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.” Tired of spending hard-earned money advertising your restaurant without knowing if it's working?

    Determining what brings your customers in and what keeps them coming back (or not) can be more difficult than any other part of running your restaurant.

  • So Satisfied gives you a peek into the minds of customers, both weekly regulars, and one-time visitors. It's time to stop guessing; learn what drives business into your restaurant.

    Restaurant customer satisfaction surveys are the key to learning the hard truths about your restaurant and its staff. Improve your menu, set better prices, get better reviews, and more. Start today!

  • Learn what works and what doesn't. Simplify your restaurant's menu.
  • Keep tabs on your restaurant's customer service and find what needs improvement.
  • Get unbiased feedback about your restaurant's decor and atmosphere.

Get to know your customers like never before.

  • Restaurant survey charts

    So Satisfied's powerful survey dashboard is like ESP for restaurant owners. Track trends, find weak spots, and make your menu more efficient, all without leaving the back office. No need to install software; it's all online and accessible from anywhere.

    Learn which specials customers rave about to their friends, and which they skip out on. Ever wondered which servers and chefs customers prefer?

  • Mobile surveys

    Get feedback from your customers while they're still seated at their table, or catch them on their way out the door. When you sign up for a So Satisfied account, a customized table tent is generated for you to print and set wherever you like.

    The table tent has a custom QR code for your restaurant's survey, and makes taking your survey just a quick scan away for most smart phone users.

    • Gets you started quickly with a template of useful restaurant survey questions
    • Creates your own QR code and table-side display to promote your survey
    • Customizable themes, colors, fonts, and logo
    • Easy to read graphics and charts make understanding your feedback a breeze
    • Use a subdomain of your restaurant's domain name, i.e.
    • Conducts multiple surveys for your restaurant's breakfast and dinner shifts, lounge, and catering crew.
    • Online and accessible from anywhere at any time; no software to install or maintain

    So Satisfied is the first survey builder made specifically with restaurant owners like you in mind. Every feature is custom tailored for restaurants and other businesses in the service industry.

    Sign up, tell us your restaurant's name, and we'll generate a list of popular restaurant survey questions with our template. Our streamlined setup makes getting started as simple as logging in and printing out a table tent.

Our survey builder pays for itself with just a few tables. Guaranteed.

So Satisfied was founded by a 10 year veteran of the service industry. We understand that every penny counts, so we keep our costs low and pass the savings onto you. Flip just a few extra tables each month, and you'll have more than paid off its cost. Try it free for 14 days!

Get started today No credit card necessary. Satisfaction guaranteed.